Thursday, September 14, 2006

This Week's Jewish News Column

Here is this week's column from the Jewish News

The Liberal Left And Press Have Failed Us Since 9/11

9/11 should have been a wake up call. Instead we roused briefly, then rolled over and went back to sleep to dream. Since then our response has become so Orwellian that Orwell himself couldn’t make it up.

While troops fight the ground battles and intelligence services and police try to stem the next attack, at home we let the enemy’s ideas thrive – a Petri dish of perfect conditions to grow. Islamo-fascists are ultimately nothing but opportunists.

The events and response to 9/11 by the anti-war left, the sniping press, CND, scheming socialists of the far left conniving with so called Muslim moderates of the far right and the usual loonies, dupes and appeasers are bringing about a slow-motion suicide by a thousand self-inflicted cuts. It is attacks from within by our own press and liberal elites that should frighten us.

What allowed this evil to thrive?

Before we examine our own faults lets not forget that the groups that carried out these acts –flying planes into buildings, beheadings, forced conversions, suicide bombings—are evil, plain evil. They emanate from failed civilisations with backward ideologies towards not just the infidels but even their own women, homosexuals – or even those who are guilty (in their eyes) of being raped! Honour killings! They are failures that wallow in their self-made victim status, blaming the West for their problems. But the liberal left loves a victim so we buy into their pain. Our press have failed us.

Secular humanism is but one of our problems. Those who can’t believe in God end up believing in anything – and nothing. It creates a social vacuum that radicals fill. We lack the powers of reason and ability to take a stand –one man’s terrorist mistakenly becomes another’s freedom fighter. This creates moral inversions to the point where we can’t tell the wrongness of the enemy’s philosophies from the rightness of our own.

Instead of lashing out against the perpetrators the PM invites radicals to advise him (their response, do away with Holocaust Memorial Day) and the Mayor invites Sheik al-Qaradawi to town (“A true moderate” says Hizonner). Israel is attacked and Hezbollah is viewed as a valiant resistance group; Israel is demonised in the press and it is against a scapegoated Jewish community that acts of violence are perpetrated. No one told the Guardian and Independent this is not Vichy France. The problem is we don’t even realise we are at war.

When Bush and Blair talk about winning the battle of ideas most think we are still developing them – we aren’t. Our civilisation, its freedoms, democracy, free markets, rule of law, are already developed, recognised and worth fighting for. They are not perfect, but they work. Freedom is not just a concept but that which we are endowed with by our Creator. That is why our grandparents in World War II and our young sons and daughters in Iraq and Afghanistan continue to fight and die.

The Islamo Fascists are united in their message – kill Americans and Jews, wipe Israel of the map, all knees shall bend to Allah or die. From us there is discordance, partisanship and self loathing; nothing about the majesty and nobility of our cause. That is how to loose the battle of ideas. That is how to lose the battle.


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